Why People Love Dogs

Among the pets, dogs are the closest to humans.  They are kept in our homes because if their interactive nature.  Some people refer to them as man's best friend of all the pets.  Dogs are cool, and they don't demand much.  When a dog is well fed it doesn't mind about other conditions in the homestead.  Dogs work for their masters without complains or delays provided they are well fed.  All dogs are not the same regarding the breed.  They come in different sizes and colors.  The cost of a dog depends on the breed.  Where the dogs are required for training; some breeds take time to learn while some other dogs learn very fast depending on the kind.

Security is the number one factor why everyone needs to own a dog.  Dogs are very much efficient in security matters.  Dogs the attack on anything they feel is a threat to them and therefore can cause injuries.  Dogs can mark boundaries of the areas they keep watch.  These pets can detect items from very far and recognize them.  The sense of smell is the strongest in dogs, and  they use it in detecting intrusions from outside their territory.  When a dog barks the owner is alert that there is something unusual happening.  It's impossible to get in a homestead where there is a healthy dog unnoticed .

countries have since engaged dogs in assisting them cub criminology and detect illegal substances coming to the countries.  They are used in the recovery of illegal medicines and some harmful weapon.  They are used in driving out culprits from their hideout.  Dogs can be trained easily on security matters and ways of dealing with a criminal.  Such dogs only take command from individuals in charge of them.  The sole purpose of these dogs is to protect human beings  where there is a possibility of an attack.  Dogs are carnivores, and hence high speed of running for the prey is utilized by the police. Know the Top Dog Tips Pinterest here!

Dog provide people with the company.  When one is in distress dogs can help minimize the feeling.  Dogs like playing and they engage even their owners.  The moment one plays with the dog it's easy to forget stress and be jovial.  Despite being good security agents, dogs also act a companion for kids whose parents are working far from home.  Some folks use the dogs to teach their children how to be courageous in life and also humility. Watch videos of dogs here!

Dog owners are said to be more social.  Day today interaction with a dog makes one feel the importance of always having company near.  Dogs can maintain a high speed, and hence people train racing with them.  Dogs have very many advantages to men, and that's why humans love rearing them. To gain more knowledge on the importance of having a pet Dog, go to http://www.ehow.com/pets/ .